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Restoring the trust in home cooking.

Family & friends should be eagerly waiting for what comes out of the oven or from the grill. No longer will your family and friends sit over your culinary creations and deride, “it needs more salt,” or “needs more spice” or, worst of all “it’s really bland.”

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Created by friends Brian Smith, Zach Neill and Dustin Dow, Asheville Spice Company seeks to restore the trust in home cooking.



Brian is a local chef and restaurateur, owning Rezaz Pan Mediterranean Cuisine and Baba Nahm – a Mediterranean Grab & Go. His spice blends are born out of experience. Tested and true, they add the right amount of flavor and spice to every meal.



Zach, born and raised in the Southern Appalachian Mountains of Western North Carolina, is an avid fisherman and outdoorsman. He fly fishes and camps; grills and barbecues. He loves Everyman Spice for his steaks and burgers and River Spice for his mountain trout.



Dustin, a single parent and busy lawyer, represents the city man. He has no time to heat the grill or baste a perfectly roasted chicken. He needs flavor fast and dinner easy. Whether it is adding a pinch of Yard Bird to a chicken breast or dry rubbing a ribeye with Everyman Spice, Dustin always pulls off a family dinner.

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